Modifying Components

You can modify sustainability values for individual components and see how the changes affect the environmental impact of the assembly.

You can select multiple components for modification. However, if characteristics such as the material or manufacturing process are different, you must open the components individually to modify them.

To modify a single component:

  1. Click Task_Pane_Push_Pin.gif in the title bar to pin the Task Pane so that it remains open.
  2. Click Set Baseline PM_SetBaseline_Sustain.gif (Environmental Impact toolbar).
  3. In the FeatureManager design tree or graphics area, click the component.
    The Task Pane opens for the selected item.
  4. Adjust the sustainability values.
  5. Click in the graphics area background.
    The Task Pane opens with the Assembly Process and Environmental Impact dashboard visible.
  6. Compare the Current and Baseline values to see how your changes affected the environmental impact.