List Dialog Box

Use the List dialog box to maintain and update list values for data-card lists or selection boxes without needing to modify the list values in each card individually.

To display this dialog box:

Right-click Lists and select Add New.

List name  
Data type Select if the list should show static Text values or From SQL database.

Data Type - Text

For a text list, under Data, enter values for the list, one value per row.

Data Type - From SQL Database

When you select From SQL Database as the Data type, you fill in the SQL query and connection information used to access the external database.

SQL command Enter the T-SQL query that selects lists values from a database table.

In this example, the query will return a list of companies from the Suppliers table in the sample SQL database Northwind.

Select Companyname

From Suppliers

Order by Companyname

Server IP or name of a SQL server hosting the database.
Database Name of SQL database containing the list values.
Login SQL user name that can access the database table using the query.
Password Password for the SQL user.
Refresh If the SQL list should be periodically updated, select when the specified query should run to refresh the list values.
Refresh when the following registry key is created

Specify a registry value on the SQL server running the SOLIDWORKS PDM database that should trigger a refresh if changed. The value is checked every minute and if it has changed, the SQL query runs and refreshes the list. Make sure to supply the full key name and value, for example:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SOLIDWORKS\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\ListUpdate\Update

Periodic refresh every

Specify the refresh interval in minutes. The minimum value is 1 (minute).

Data Type - Text with Alias

Under Data:

Displayed Value

The value that is displayed in the data card.


The alias that is store in the file and database.

If you have a spread sheet or document that contains a set of displayed values and aliases, you can copy it, click under Displayed Value, and paste it into the Text with Alias list.