SQL Query Examples

These are examples of queries you can use to return list values from the SOLIDWORKS PDM database.

List All Unique Values Stored in a Specified Variable

This example lists values by replacing the variable name.

Select distinct Vv.ValueCache
 From VariableValue Vv
 Where Vv.VariableID =  (     select variableid
                    from variable
                    where Variablename like 'Project number')
       And Vv.ValueCache != ''
 order by Vv.ValueCache ASC

List All Project Folders Stored Under a Specified Folder

This example lists folders by replacing the folder path.

Select P.Name
 From Projects P, ProjectTree Pt, Projects P2
 where P.ProjectID > 1 And
            P2.Path Like '\Projects\' And
            P2.ProjectID = Pt.ProjectID And
            P.ProjectID = Pt.ChildProject
 Order By P.Name Asc

Retrieve Values from an ODBC Source

Using this method, you can get values from an ODBC source, such as an Excel spreadsheet.

 FROM OpenDataSource( 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0',
   'Data Source="c:\Book1.xls";
     User ID=Admin;Password=;Extended properties=Excel 8.0')...Sheet1$ 
In this example:
  • The Excel file must be accessible by the SQL server (can be UNC path).
  • Date is the column name.
  • Sheet1 is the sheet name.
  • The server connection information should be to the local SQL server. For example, you can use the vault database name.