Revision Number Component Properties Dialog Box

Use the Revision Number Component Properties dialog box to define a revision number component, which is the portion of a revision number that automatically increments each time the revision number is applied to the file or item.

To display this dialog box:

  • To view or modify an existing revision number component, expand Revisions > Revision number components and double-click a component.
  • To create a new revision number component, expand Revisions, then right-click Revision number component and select New component.
Component name Name of the revision number component.

Use a descriptive Component name that reflects how your company organizes its data.

In the Revision Number Properties dialog box, you select component names to define revision number formats.

Initial counter value The component's starting value. For example, if Initial counter value is 1:
Component Format Initial Value
000 001
A,B,C,...,Z A
Value from list First value in the list
Format string Base the component format on a predefined counter. To select a counter, click . You can also specify static text.
Value from list Base the component format on a specified list of values. The left column shows the counter position. Type counter values in the right column.
You must define what happens when the counter reaches the end of the list. Select one:
  • Restart from the first row in the list
  • Continue to use the last row
  • Refuse the operation

SOLIDWORKS PDM can also send an e-mail to a user or group when the counter reaches the end of the list. Select And send an e-mail to: and select a recipient.