Creating Revision Numbers

You can create revision numbers to match the numbering schemes used in your company. You can then associate the revision numbers with workflow states and transitions, or allow users to assign revision numbers manually.

To create a revision number:

  1. Create one or more revision number components to serve as counters that increase each time a revision number is set for a file.
    1. Expand Revisions, then right-click Revision number components and select New component.
    2. In the Revision Number Component Properties dialog box, type a descriptive Component name that reflects how your company organizes its data.
      SOLIDWORKS PDM provides a sample revision component named Alpha Revision Component. If your company prefers a numeric designator for revisions, you could specify Numeric Revision Component as the component name.
    3. For Initial counter value, specify the value to be used for the component the first time it is applied to a file.
      Recommendation: Use 1 as the Initial counter value.
    4. Under Data, select the method the SOLIDWORKS PDM software uses to create the revision component:
      • Format string bases the component on predefined counters that you select from a list.
      • Value from list bases the component on a list of values that you specify.
    5. Click OK.
  2. Expand Revisions, then right-click Revision numbers and select New revision number.
  3. In the Revision Number Properties dialog box, type a name for the revision number.
    You use this name when you assign a revision number to a workflow state.
  4. For Revision number format string, select one or more of the revision number components you defined in step 1.
  5. Click OK.