Example - Creating Revision Numbers with Major and Minor Counters

In this example, a revision number format has values A.01, A.02, ... during the pre-release workflow and B.01, B.02, ... during the released workflow.

To create a revision number with major and minor counters:

  1. Create two revision number components:
    Component name Initial counter value Format string
    Major 1 A,B,C,...,Z
    Minor 1 Number 00
  2. Create a revision number called MajorMinor using these components (set Revision number format string to Major.Minor).
  3. For both the pre-release and release workflow states:
    1. On the Revision Numbers tab, select MajorMinor from the list of revision numbers.
    2. Because only the minor component should increment for every revision in the pre-release workflow, set Increment by for Minor to 1, and clear Increment by for Major.
    3. Save the workflow.
  4. Open the properties for the transition where the files are passed from the pre-release workflow to the released workflow. Make sure that the target state has the revision number assigned.
  5. In the transition's Properties dialog box, on the Revision Numbers tab, set Major to increment by 1 and Minor to reset to 1.
    Values entered on the Revision Numbers tab silently increase or reset the next component counter value as the file pass through the transition but revision numbers are not set on any files. Setting the revision number is done manually or automatically using the transition action to increase the user-defined revision. Only use this option when working with revision numbers with multiple counter components.
  6. To test the revision numbering:
    1. Move a file through the pre-release workflow and increment the revision numbering. Only the minor counter increments each time (A.01, A.02, and so on).
    2. Move the file to the released workflow. The major counter increments by 1 (for example, A > B) and the minor counter resets to 1 (for example, 03 > 01). You will see these changes the next time a revision number is applied to the file.
    3. Move the file through the release workflow. Only the minor counter should increment each time (B.01, B.02, and so on).