Synchronizing a Revision Variable to a Revision Number

Administrators can map a revision variable in the workflow to synchronize it with a revision number.

Using Set Revision you can synchronize a revision number to a revision value stored in a card variable, for any files including those that were previously managed outside of SOLIDWORKS PDM.

To synchronize a revision variable to a revision number:

  1. In the Administration tool, expand Workflows and select a workflow.
  2. Select a state.
  3. On the Revision Numbers tab, set a revision number to associate with this state.
  4. For Increment by, enter the number (typically 1) to use when the Set Revision command is invoked.
  5. Select a revision variable in Revision Variable.
    • This variable must exist on the data cards of files that will have the revision synchronized.
    • The variable should be linked to the custom property holding the legacy revision value.
    • The revision number must match the revision value found in the variable for the revision to become synchronized.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click File > Save to save the workflow.
    To verify synchronizing the revision number, manually set the revision number on a file in SOLIDWORKS PDM Explorer View. For details, see SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer Help.