Setting Revision Numbers Automatically

SOLIDWORKS PDM can automatically set revision numbers on files and items as they pass through workflow transitions.

To set revision numbers automatically:

  1. If you have not already done so, create the revision number format you want to use, as described in Creating Revision Numbers.
  2. Assign the revision number to the target state (for example, Approved) where files or items should have the revision number automatically assigned.
  3. Click the transition to the target state.
  4. On the Actions tab of the transition's Properties dialog box, click Add Action to add an Inc. Revision action. See Adding Transition Actions.
    In general, you should not use the Revision Numbers tab to specify how components increment from the transition. The component behavior is defined in the destination state. Only set how components increment when working with revision numbers that have multiple counter components (see Example - Creating Revision Numbers with Major and Minor Counters). Using this option inappropriately will cause revision numbers to skip or not increment.
  5. Click OK twice.
  6. To test the automatic revision number assignment, in Windows Explorer right-click a vault file and change its state to the target state you used in step 2, for example, Approved.

    The History dialog box, PDM Explorer Version tab, and Get Version listing for this file should all show the new revision number.