Cold Storage Schema Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to handle older files and versions. You can move these files to cold storage outside the vault archives. You can also delete older files. You can perform these actions together or independently.

After deletion, version history is retained. You cannot copy a version from cold storage back to the archive server.

To display this dialog box:

Expand Vault, right-click Cold Storage Schemas, and select New Cold Storage Schema.

Schema name Name that identifies this set of rules.
Archive server Server that hosts the vault. All hosting servers are listed for replicated vaults.
Folders that are part of this schema Adding a folder to the list causes that folder and its subfolders to be processed. To process the entire vault, use the vault root folder.
Predefined intervals Select the interval at which cold storage is processed, for example, Every hour, every day.
Interval string Enabled when you select User defined schedule.

The schedule has the format: Minute Hour Weekday where:

Minute Use numerals 0 through 59.
Hour Use numerals 0 through 23, where 0 is midnight.
Weekday Use numerals 1 through 7, where 1 is Monday.

Separate sections with a space. Sections can contain a single number, a range (1-7), or a list (0,15,30,45). An asterisk represents the entire range. For example:

0 0 * Run every day at midnight.
0 2 1-5 Run every Monday through Friday at 2 a.m.
0 * * Run every hour on the hour every day.
0 */2 * Run every other hour every day.
0,15,30,45 * * Run every 15 minutes every day.
0,30 * 1-5 Run every half hour Monday through Friday.
0 6-18 1-5 Run every hour between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The time is local to the server.

Cold storage method

Delete archive files Deletes older file versions records the deletion in the vault history.
The deletion cannot be undone. Ensure that you back up the archive before deletion.
Move archive files to folder Moves older versions of files outside the archive.

Enter a folder name by combining path components, for example, c:\ColdStore, and variable components available when you click >. For example: c:\ColdStore\Year (2) Month (2) Counter-04

The path must be to a folder that is accessible from the computer where the SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive server you select for Archive server is running.
If you specify a UNC path, the archive server service normally runs under the system user account, which, by default, does not have access to the network. To have access to the network, change the service logon account to run the service as a specified user.
Media name Subdirectory into which to place instances of cold storage. The media name is entered into the file history.
Use the Counter variables to ensure uniqueness.


Number of versions to keep per archive Keeps the number of versions you specify. Deletes or moves older versions to cold storage. For example, if you specify 4, the fifth and older versions are processed. The latest version of a file is always kept in the archive server.
Never move versions with revisions to cold storage (Recommended.) Does not process versions with attached revisions. Note that labeled versions are always excluded from cold storage.