Managing Multiple Groups

You can modify properties and settings, view history, or delete more than one group at a time from a vault's Groups dialog box.

To manage multiple groups:

  1. Right-click Groups and select Open.
  2. Select the groups you want to manage.
  3. Right-click and select a management option:
    • Properties. Displays the Properties dialog box.
    • Remove. Deletes the selected groups from the vault.

      The user names and passwords remain on the archive server. They can still be active for other vaults or reinstated on this vault.

    • Settings. Displays the Settings dialog box.
    • History. Displays the History dialog box.
  4. If you want users to be added to a group automatically when they are created, select the group in the Automatic column.
  5. If you have changed properties, removed users, or selected the automatic option, click Save (toolbar).

    If you do not save these changes, when you close the Users dialog box, a warning prompts you to save them.

    Settings and user history changes are saved automatically; you are not prompted to save.