Convert to Appearances Dialog Box

This dialog box appears when you open a model that was saved in an earlier version of SOLIDWORKS and the model has two sets of appearances.


PhotoWorks Materials For models saved in Version 2007 or earlier. Retains the PhotoWorks materials applied when PhotoWorks was enabled. Converts to SOLIDWORKS appearances. Discards older SOLIDWORKS colors and textures.
RealView Appearance only For models saved in Version 2008. Retains the appearances applied when RealView or PhotoWorks was enabled. Discards older SOLIDWORKS colors and textures.
SOLIDWORKS Colors/Textures only Converts the SOLIDWORKS color or SOLIDWORKS texture to an appearance called “color” or “texture.” Discards PhotoWorks material or RealView appearance.
Both Converts both older appearances to SOLIDWORKS appearances. You can switch between the two by changing the display state in the ConfigurationManager.
Don't ask me again Uses the option you select for this and all similar situations.
To display this dialog box again, click Options . Click Messages/Errors/Warnings and, under Dismissed messages, click Choose display state to convert.