Walk-through PropertyManager

Create or play walk-throughs in the Walk-through PropertyManager.

To open this PropertyManager:

Click View > Lights and Cameras > Add Walk-through.

Start Walk-through Opens the control panel. Use tools on the control panel to control the direction and speed of travel and the viewing direction as you move the avatar through the model.


Available after you record a walk-through.

Play Recording Plays the recording of the walk-through.
Generate Video Saves a video of the walk-through.

Viewport Settings

Vertical direction Defines the up direction. Select a linear curve, plane, or planar face. A green arrow indicates the direction. Click Flip Direction to reverse the direction.
Viewing height Defines the height above the floor or motion path at which the avatar is positioned.

Motion Constraints

Curves, planes, and planar faces to define floors and motion paths Defines constraints to limit motion through the system. You can define none, one, or several constraints. Select 2D or 3D sketches, grid features, reference planes, planar faces, or model edges. Click Move Up and Move Down to arrange the constraints.
  Turn avatar to follow paths Turns the avatar to face the direction of travel. Clear the option to keep the avatar facing the direction that it was turned toward. For example, you can move the avatar forward and have it record objects on one side of the path.
  Treat faces as infinite planes Allows the avatar to move beyond the edges of any face to which it is constrained.