Walk-through Control Panel

Use tools on the control panel to control the direction and speed of travel and the viewing direction as you move the avatar through the model.

To open the Walk-through control panel:

Click Start Walk-through in the Walk-through PropertyManager.
Some controls have one or more keyboard shortcuts.

Control Panel Settings

Use these controls to set a home position for the walk-through, toggle the map view on and off, and control how much of the control panel is visible.


walkthru_CP_Settings_set_home.gif Set Home Sets the home position, which can be recalled later.
walkthru_CP_Settings_go_home.gif Go Home Returns the view to the previously set home position.
walkthru_CP_Settings_show-hide_map.gif Show/Hide Map Shows or hides the map window.
walkthru_CP_Settings_toggle_record.gif Toggle Record Shows or hides the Record section of the control panel.
walkthru_CP_Settings_toggle_constraints.gif Toggle Constraints Shows or hides the Constraints section of the control panel.
walkthru_CP_Settings_toggle_mini_panel.gif Toggle Mini Panel Switches between the full control panel and the minimal control panel:
walkthru_CP_Settings_close.gif Close Exits the walk-through environment and returns to the PropertyManager.

walkthru_CP_Motion_header.gif Motion

Use these controls to move, turn, and change the speed of the avatar.


    Keyboard Shortcuts  
walkthru_CP_Motion_move_forward.gif Move Forward W up arrow Moves the avatar forward.
walkthru_CP_Motion_move_backward.gif Move Backward S down arrow Moves the avatar backward.
walkthru_CP_Motion_move_left.gif Move Left A left arrow Moves the avatar to the left.
walkthru_CP_Motion_move_right.gif Move Right D right arrow Moves the avatar to the right.
walkthru_CP_Motion_turn_left.gif Turn Left Shift + A or Ctrl + left arrow Turns the avatar to the left.
walkthru_CP_Motion_turn_right.gif Turn Right Shift + D or Ctrl + right arrow Turns the avatar to the right.
walkthru_CP_Motion_move_up.gif Move Up Shift + up arrow Moves the avatar up.
walkthru_CP_Motion_move_down.gif Move Down Shift + down arrow Moves the avatar down.
walkthru_CP_Motion_increase_speed.gif Increase Speed = Increases the speed. Maximum speed is 9. You can also press a number key to change the speed.
walkthru_CP_Motion_choose_speed.gif Choose Speed   Lets you select a speed from the menu. Click the box to see the menu.
walkthru_CP_Motion_decrease_speed.gif Decrease Speed - Decreases the speed. Minimum speed is 1. You can also press a number key to change the speed.

walkthru_CP_View_header.gif View

Use these controls to change the view direction.


    Keyboard Shortcuts  
walkthru_CP_View_look_up.gif Look Up Alt + up arrow Looks up without changing the direction of movement.
walkthru_CP_View_look_down.gif Look Down Alt + down arrow Looks down without changing the direction of movement.
walkthru_CP_View_look_left.gif Look Left Alt + left arrow Looks left without changing the direction of movement.
walkthru_CP_View_look_right.gif Look Right Alt + right arrow Looks right without changing the direction of movement.
walkthru_CP_View_zoom_in.gif Zoom In Shift + Z Zooms the view in.
walkthru_CP_View_zoom_out.gif Zoom Out Z Zooms the view out.

walkthru_CP_Record_header.gif Record

Use these controls to record the walk-through.


    Keyboard Shortcuts  
walkthru_CP_Record_record.gif Record R Begins recording the walk-through from the current time and direction.
walkthru_CP_Record_pause.gif Pause space bar Pauses the walk-through.
walkthru_CP_Record_OK.gif OK Enter Accepts changes to the path and returns to the PropertyManager.
walkthru_CP_Record_cancel.gif Cancel Esc Cancels changes to the captured path and returns to the PropertyManager.
walkthru_CP_Record_current_time.gif Current Time   Current time in walk-through.

walkthru_CP_Constraints_header.gif Constraints

Use these controls to apply or remove constraints on the avatar position.
You define constraints in the Walk-through PropertyManager before starting a walk-through.


    Keyboard Shortcuts  
walkthru_CP_Constraints_lock_to_constraint.gif Lock to Constraint Scroll Lock Toggles whether the avatar position is locked to the selected constraint.
walkthru_CP_Constraints_choose_constraint.gif Choose Constraint   Lets you select a constraint from the list.
walkthru_CP_Constraints_previous_constraint.gif Previous Constraint Page Up Selects the previous constraint in the list.
walkthru_CP_Constraints_next_constraint.gif Next Constraint Page Down Selects the next constraint in the list.