Sketching on the Face of a Part

To create new features on a part, you sketch on the face of the part where you want to locate the feature.

To sketch on model faces:

  1. Select the planar model face on which you want to sketch.
  2. Click a sketch tool on the Sketch toolbar, click Sketch Tool_Sketch.gif, or click Insert > Sketch .
    The following happens:
    • The appropriate sketch tool is displayed, and the sketch is displayed as you drag the tool on the model face.
      A grid appears on the face that you selected (if you selected Display grid in Tools > Options > Document Properties > Grid/Snap).
    • The message Editing Sketch appears in the status bar at the bottom of the SOLIDWORKS window.
  3. To sketch on a different face, exit the current sketch, select the new face, and open a new sketch.
    You can also use RapidSketch to open sketches on any planar face or plane with an active sketch tool.