Correcting Failed Checks

To correct failed checks:

  1. Expand the individual nodes to show the Actual Value and Preferred Value(s).
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select one or multiple nodes of failed checks and click Correct Selected to correct only the selected failed checks.
    • Click Auto Correct All, to correct all failed checks for which Design Checker supports auto-correction.

      Auto Correct All triggers re-validation of the active document.

      The failed checks are corrected with the values set in each of the Preferred auto correction values box.

      The Correct Selected tool does not trigger re-validation of the active document You can click Recheck Document to re-validate the document.
  3. Click Close to close the tab with no change, or Save Report to create a report.
    Results are saved in Microsoft Word and xml formats.

    The report summarizes the failure instances according to criticality level, and lists the autocorrected parameters with their initial and corrected values.

    To select a different standard file, click Settings and re-validate your document