Build Checks

The Build Checks tool is where you set the requirements to evaluate the document with the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker.

The Build Checks window is divided into parts:

Dialog View

Shows checks in the requirements document, where you can edit any of the criteria. Click Show All Checks to toggle between checks for the current tab only and all checks in the document. Click the title bar of a check to collapse or expand it.

Summary View

Shows a condensed view of the requirements document with parameters and values for each check. Click a check to see more details.


Sets options for the current requirements document.

Drafting standards (ANSI, ISO, DIN, JIS, BSI, GOST and GB) are provided with a set of built-in standard files. You can load any of the provided drafting standards to view its customized document settings. The file location of the drafting standards is install_dir\dsgnchk\Data.