Running Build Checks

To run Build Checks:

  1. Click Build Checks (Design Checker flyout , Tools toolbar) or Tools > Design Checker > Build Checks.
    Use the Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Design Checker dialog box to create additional standards files, open an existing standard file, get help, or work with a Design Checker tutorial.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click New or File > New to create a new requirements document.
    • Click Open or File > Open to open an existing requirements document.
  3. In the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker window, click a tab below to set document requirements and a Criticality level.
    Settings in the Preferred auto correction values box are automatically applied to the failed checks when you select Auto Correct All or Correct Selected.
  4. Click Save or File > Save.
    The document is saved with a .swstd extension.
    You can set the location of Design Checker Files in Options > File Locations.

    You can now run Check Active Document to see if your document complies with the selected drafting standard.