Motion Along a Path

Path Mates in Motion Studies

You can include path mates in Motion Analysis studies.

To constrain assembly component motion to a path:
  1. Select Insert > Mate .
  2. Define a path mate for components.
  3. Select the Motion Study tab, and select Motion Analysis for Type of Study.
  4. Include motion study elements as necessary.

    You must include a Motor , a Force , or Gravity to force the motion.

    You can define motion along a path with a path mate motor.
  5. Run the study.

Defining Motion Along a Path

For Motion Analysis studies, you can define a path mate motor to specify displacement, velocity, or acceleration values as a body moves along a path.

  1. From a Motion Analysis study, click Motor .
  2. For Path Mate along_path.png Button, under Mates in the FeatureManager design tree, select a path mate.
  3. Select the motor profile.
    To define the motor profile from a function or from data, click Expression, Data Points, or Segments.
  4. Select options and click .
    To reverse the motor direction, for Mates/Direction, click Reverse Direction flip_dir.png Button.