Accessing and Naming Motion Studies

You can access or create a motion study from a Motion Study tab at the lower portion of the graphics area.

If the Motion Study tab is not visible, click View > User Interface > MotionManager.
There are two types of tabs you can use when working with parts or assemblies:
  • Model. Selected by default when you open a model. Use this tab to edit the model.
  • Motion Study <n>. Animations are listed on their own tab numbered 1 through <n>. Motion Study 1 is the default name for the first animation. There are no key frames for a new study.

Renaming a Motion Study Tab

To rename a Motion Study tab:

  1. Right-click the tab and select Rename.
  2. Type the new name.
    You cannot rename the Model tab.

Creating a New Motion Studies Tab

To create a new Motion Studies tab, do one of the following:

  • Click Insert > New Motion Study.
  • Right-click the name of an existing motion study from the motion studies tabs below the graphics area, and select New.

Duplicating a Motion Studies Tab

To duplicate an existing Motion Studies tab:

Right-click an existing Motion Study tab and select Duplicate.
You can use duplicate studies to run a series of similar simulations.

Creating or Editing a Motion Study for Models

To create or edit a motion study for a model:

Click a Motion Study tab at the lower portion of the graphics window.
The graphics area splits horizontally. The upper area displays the model. The lower area splits into three sections:
  • The MotionManager toolbar across the top
  • The MotionManager design tree on the left
  • The timeline with the key points and the time bar on the right