Creating a Hole Series

To create a hole series:

  1. Suppress the components in your assembly that you do not want to be cut by the hole.
  2. Click Hole Series (Features toolbar) or Insert > Assembly Feature > Hole > Hole Series.
    The Hole Position PropertyManager appears.
  3. Select a location, which appears as a sketch point, on a planar face for the center of the hole series.
  4. Set the PropertyManager options for the hole series by selecting tabs.

    The tabs are always visible and you can select them in any order.

    Hole Position Create a new hole or use an existing hole.
    First Part  
    Middle Parts  
    Last Parts  
    Smart Fasteners Insert Smart Fasteners into the hole series. This tab is available only if you install and activate SOLIDWORKS Toolbox.
  5. Click .