Modifying End of Life Disposal Defaults

The End of Life section lets you specify how the product is disposed of when it reaches the end of its life. You can adjust the percentages of the product that are recycled, incinerated, or sent to a landfill.

Default values are based on the value of the materials in the sustainability database. The values of all the components in the assembly are rolled up by weight.

  1. Change a value in any of these fields:
    tool_end_of_life_recycle.gif Recycled
    tool_end_of_life_incinerate.gif Incinerated
    tool_end_of_life_landfill.gif Landfill

    The values are linked so that the total of the percentages is always 100%. A change to the Recycled or Incinerated fields modifies the value of the Landfill field. A change to the Landfill field modifies the value of the Recycled field.

  2. Click Reset to Defaults to return to the original values.