Specifying Assembly Use Parameters

The Use section of the Sustainability Task pane lets you specify where the product is used and the energy needs of the product over its lifespan.

To provide assembly Use parameters:

  1. In the Use section of the Sustainability Task pane, select the manufacturing region from the Region drop-down list or by clicking the region in the map.
  2. To specify the energy used during the lifetime of the product, select Energy needs over lifespan.
  3. In the Type of Energy drop-down list, select from:
    • Electricity
    • Natural Gas
    • Diesel
    • Gasoline
    • Kerosene
    • Light Fuel Oil
  4. Specify the Amount of energy and select a time increment. For example, selecting Diesel, typing 2.00, and selecting Hour, indicates that the product will use 2.00 gallons of diesel fuel per hour during its lifetime.