Task Pane Changes

Some items from the Task Pane have been moved to the new Welcome dialog box.

The following sections have been removed from the SOLIDWORKS Resources tab in the Task Pane:
  • Getting Started
  • Community
  • Tip of the Day
The following table summarizes the moved items, their new names (if changed), and their new locations within the Welcome dialog box.

Task Pane Item

New Name

(if changed)

New Location

(Tab in Welcome

dialog box)

New Document New Home
Open a Document Open Home
Tutorials   Learn
Online Training MySolidWorks Training Learn
What's New   Home
Introducing SOLIDWORKS   Learn
General Information Get Support Home
Customer Portal   Home
User Groups   Home
Discussion Forum SOLIDWORKS Forum Home
Technical Alerts and News Technical Alerts Alerts
Tip of the Day   Home

To access the items in their new location:

In the Task Pane, at the top of the SOLIDWORKS Resources tab, click Welcome to SOLIDWORKS .

For more information, see Welcome Dialog Box.