Logging into SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS provides a login feature. You use the same SOLIDWORKS ID to access the Customer Portal, MySolidWorks, and the SOLIDWORKS Forums.

You can use the Login dialog box, but you can continue to start SOLIDWORKS as you currently do.

Benefits to logging in with the SOLIDWORKS ID are:
  • Hyperlinks to web content within the SOLIDWORKS software will automatically log you into SOLIDWORKS websites, such as:
    Customer Portal
    Get Support
  • You can synchronize your system settings automatically across multiple computers while logged in. To synchronize settings, click Tools > Options > Synchronize Settings.

    When you log in, customization and system options (excluding file locations) are synchronized by default.

    You can synchronize the following settings:
    • File locations listed in Tools > Options and Toolbox/Hole Wizard.
    • Customizations including toolbar layouts, menu customizations, mouse gestures, and keyboard shortcuts.

To log into the SOLIDWORKS software:

  1. In the SOLIDWORKS title bar, click the Login icon.
  2. In Email, enter your SOLIDWORKS ID.

    The SOLIDWORKS ID can be your email address.

  3. In Password, enter your password.
  4. Click Log in.

The Login icon changes color to indicate that you are logged in.

You remain logged in until you click the Login icon and click Log Out. Closing SOLIDWORKS does not log you out.