Unlinking and Relinking Properties to a Parent Part

In the Custom Property dialog box, a new Link column lets you select properties where the text in Value/Test Expression can link to a parent part or a cut list folder. If the box in the Link column is clear, you can override the value in Value/Test Expression.

You can unlink one property at a time by clearing the link box for that property. You can also unlink all custom properties for a derived part by clearing the box at the top of the Link column and then enter new values for all properties.

The same logic applies to relinking. You can relink one property or all properties to the parent part. If the parent part is open, SOLIDWORKS automatically updates the Value/Text Expression with the value from the parent part.

If the parent part is not open when you relink the property, an (*) asterisk displays in the Evaluated Value, and a message, such as
*Calculated the next time the base part is opened
appears at the bottom of the dialog box. When you open the parent part again, the value updates and the message disappears.

In the External References dialog box, if Break All for the parent part is selected, then all links in a derived part are grayed out. You can enter new values for all properties, but you cannot relink properties to a parent part.