Adding an @ Sign Before Quotation Marks

When you define a custom file property or cut list property that includes a single or double quotation mark (‘ or “), type an @ sign in front of the quotation mark to ensure that the expression evaluates correctly.

The @ sign is required when the expression for the custom property includes a quotation mark to indicate inches, or references the name of a dimension, feature, sketch, cut list folder, weldment profile, annotation, bill of materials, or other entity that includes a quotation mark.

To add an @ sign before quotation marks:

  1. In a part file, open the Cut List Properties dialog box by doing the following:
    1. In the FeatureManager design tree, expand Cut list.
    2. Right-click a cut list item and select Properties.
  2. In the Cut List Summary tab, ensure that the top check box in the Linked column is clear.

    The Link column lets you select properties where the values and text in Value/Text Expression are linked to a parent part or a cut list folder.

    When the check boxes in the Linked column are clear, the values for Value/Text Expression become editable.

  3. In Value/Text Expression, type an @ sign before each quotation mark, for example, 2@" X 2@" X 1/4@" and press Enter.

    The correct value appears in Evaluated Value.

The @ sign also applies when referencing a Property Name that includes a quotation mark. For example, if you have a file property whose name is Length12”, you must add an @ sign in Value/Text Expression for that property.