Defining Hole Elements with Baseline Dimensions

You can use baseline dimensions to define advanced holes.

When you select this option in the Advanced Hole PropertyManager, the SOLIDWORKS software measures near and far side elements from the same initial baseline dimension. This option also sets the end condition automatically to Offset from Surface for each element in the hole stack.

The same hole stack can chain elements, defined with baseline dimensions, with other neighboring hole elements.

Other changes related to using baseline dimensions include:
  • For a counterbore, countersink, or taper threaded element, you can select Use standard depth to ensure that the depth of the element is the same depth defined in the Hole Wizard data table.
  • For a straight threaded element, you can select a formula from a drop-down list to calculate its depth.

To access this option, click Insert > Features > Advanced Hole. In the Advanced Hole PropertyManager, under Near And Far Side Faces, select a face and click Use baseline dimensions.