Simulation Mass Properties

You can calculate mass properties of all or selected bodies included in a Simulation study.

To open the Simulation Mass Properties dialog box:

  • Right-click the study icon at the top of the Simulation study tree, and click Mass Properties.

Right-click the top icon in the Simulation study tree, and click Mass properties.

The mass properties tool considers:
  • solid, beam, and sheet metal bodies with their material definitions assigned in Simulation
  • thicknesses assigned to shell and surface bodies
  • composite shells with assigned materials
  • remote mass and distributed mass
  • mass added with bolt and pin connectors

These properties are listed: mass, volume, surface area, center of mass, principal moments of inertia, and moments of inertia matrix (calculated at the center of mass).

Select the bodies to list their mass properties. Select the top icon to include all bodies.

  Decimal Places Sets the number of decimal points for the listed values.
  Scientific notation Switches to scientific notation for the listed values.
  Show center of mass Displays a red sphere on the center of mass.
  • The coordinates of the center of mass are calculated with respect to the origin (0,0,0).
  • The moments of inertia are calculated at the center of mass and their axes are aligned with the default coordinate system depicted by the triad.