Trend Journal

The Trend Journal is a Microsoft Word document that lists details about the baseline (iteration 1) and subsequent iterations. The Trend Journal appears when you enable Trend Tracker. The software updates the journal when you set the baseline or create an iteration. The journal is located in the default results folder.

To read the Trend Journal:

Double-click the Trend Journal under Trend Tracker in the Simulation study tree.

  • The data types in the Trend Journal correspond to the data types in the graphs you are tracking. If you have a graph to track URES, then the journal also tracks that data type.
  • For some quantities, a normalized value relates the value of an iteration to the value of the baseline. For example, if the mass of Iteration 2 is 85% of the mass of the baseline, then the normalized value for Total Mass of Iteration 2 is 85.
  • You cannot save comments in the Trend Journal. Your comments will be lost when you re-open the document. To save modifications to the document, use Save As in Microsoft Word to save the file with a different name or in a different location.