Revision Table Column PropertyManager

Use this PropertyManager to change the content of a column in a revision table.

Specify the columns to be included in a revision table and their positions in the table. The columns are populated with data from the document's properties.

To add a new column to the table, right-click in a table column and select Insert > Column Right or Column Left. You cannot add columns from within the PropertyManager.

To edit revision table column properties:

  1. Click at the head of a column when the pointer changes to pointer_Table_Column.gif.
  2. Specify the properties described below, then click PM_OK.gif.

To change the column positions:

  • Drag and drop columns to move position within a table.

Column Properties

For the selected column, choose one of the column types, listed with its header title. You can edit the header in the Title box.
  • Zone. ZONE
  • Revision. REV.
  • Description. DESCRIPTION
  • Date. DATE
  • Approved. APPROVED
  • Custom. In Properties, select an item.

Title. Edit the text for the column header.