Table Cell, Row, or Column Toolbar

You can use the table cell, row, or column toolbars to format Bill of Materials, Hole Tables, Revision Tables, Weld Tables, or Weldment Cut Lists.

The options available depend on the type of table you are editing, your cursor position when you open the toolbar, and the method you use to open the toolbar.

  • If you click a table cell, row, or column, this toolbar opens:

  • If you double-click a table cell, row, or column, this toolbar opens:

By default, the software places the table editing toolbar above the upper left corner of the table. While you can drag a toolbar to reposition it, the toolbar will remain in position as long as you continue to edit the table.

Set these options from both toolbars:

Option Description
Font formatting Click Use document font to change the font format. You can apply the formatting to selected rows, columns, or to the entire table
Horizontal paragraph justification Aligns text to the cell. Click Left Align justify_left.png Button, Center Align justify_center.png Button, or Right Align justify_right.png Button.
Vertical paragraph justification Aligns text to the cell. Click Top Align align_vert_top.png Button, Middle Align align_vert_middle.png Button, or Bottom Align .
All uppercase Select All uppercase to specify all characters in a selected table cell, row, column, or entire table to be uppercase.

Select these options when you open the toolbar by clicking once in a table cell, row, or column:

Rotate Rotates the text in 90° increments counterclockwise.
Fit text Toggles fitting the text to the cell.
Drawings-Merge-Cells.gif Merge Cells Merges adjacent cells.
Drawings-Unmerge-Cells.gif Unmerge a Cell Splits the selected cell.
Equation Lets you set up an equation in a cell. See Table Equation Editor.
Tool_cell_padding.gif Vertical Cell Padding

Horizontal Cell Padding

Horizontal and vertical cell padding values.
Column Property Opens the Column Properties menu for BOMs. Other table column properties are listed in the appropriate PropertyManager:
  • Revision Table Column PropertyManager
  • Hole Table Column PropertyManager
  • Weldment Cut List Column PropertyManager
Hide/Show Let's you hide or show rows or columns.

The pointer changes to pointer_hide_show_annotations.gif, and you can select rows or columns to hide or show. When you select the tool, any rows or columns that are currently hidden are highlighted in blue.



Table Header Top

Table Header Bottom

Positions the table header above or below the rows.
Table Header Top
Table Header Bottom

Select these options when you open the toolbar by double-clicking once in a table cell, row, or column:

Link to Property Lets you link the value of a document property to the table row.
Insert DimXpert general profile tolerance Inserts a general profile tolerance in a cell.
Add Symbol Lets you add symbols such as spherical diameter or plus/minus to text-based table cell entries.
Color Opens the Edit Line Color dialog box, where you can change the color of selected table text.
Stack Formatting Opens the Stack Note dialog box, where you can add, edit, and format stacked text.
Insert Bullet Inserts a bulleted list.
Insert Numbering Inserts a numbered list.
Increase indent Moves the selected text to the right.
Decrease Indent Moves the selected text to the left.
Paragraph Properties Opens the Paragraph Properties dialog box, where you can format table text, including paragraph indentation, paragraph and line spacing, bullets, and numbering.