Hole Tables

You can use hole tables to automatically generate hole information in a tabular format. You can create columns for model information, such as hole size and location.

Hole tables in drawing documents measure the positions of selected holes from a specified origin datum. The software labels each hole with a tag that corresponds to a row in the table.

Non-circular holes such as rectangles and slots are recognized as holes. The table lists the X and Y coordinates of the entities by their geometric centers, but you must enter the size.

Holes that intersect other faces are not included in hole tables because the geometry is interrupted by another feature, making an incomplete hole. For example:

You cannot select advanced holes for hole callouts or hole tables. If you select a face, hole tables do not include advanced holes.
In addition to the functionality for all tables, in Document Properties > Hole Tables and in the Hole Table PropertyManager you can specify:
  • Tags to be alphabetic or numeric
  • Cells with the same tags to be combined
  • Cells for holes of the same size to be combined
  • ANSI inch letter and number drill sizes be displayed
  • Precision of hole locations
  • Dual dimension display