Search MySolidWorks

You can use the MySolidWorks search options to filter access to content within the MySolidWorks website and to search within multiple categories at the same time.

To see the search filters that are available for the MySolidWorks site, expand the MySolidWorks option of the Search menu.

Knowledge Base Searches the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base, which includes:
  • Solutions
  • Software Performance Requests (SPRs)
  • SOLIDWORKS websites

Access to the Knowledge Base requires SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service and a Customer Portal login.

Community Forum Searches the SOLIDWORKS Community Forum.
Blogs Searches SOLIDWORKS blog posts.
CAD Models Searches models in 3D ContentCentral.
Training Searches MySolidWorks online training sessions.
YouTube Searches SOLIDWORKS YouTube videos.
Twitter Searches the SOLIDWORKS Twitter feed.

All options are selected by default. By selecting fewer filters, you can narrow your search before navigating to the MySolidWorks website.

You can specify the search types for places to search every time you initiate a MySolidWorks search. You can also search just one location without changing your regular search.

To search selected types within the MySolidWorks website:

  1. In the expanded list, select only the types to search. Clear all other types.
  2. Type a search term.
  3. Click or press Enter.

    The MySolidWorks website opens in a browser with the search types you selected listed.

To search a single MySolidWorks search type:

  1. In the expanded list, select the label (not the check box) of the search type to use.
  2. Type a search term.
  3. Click or press Enter.

    The MySolidWorks website opens to the selected search type.