Searching for Help, Commands, and Files

You can search for information in SOLIDWORKS Help or on the My SolidWorks Web site, which includes access to the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge base.

You can also search for valid SOLIDWORKS commands for the current document and for files and models on your computer.

To search for information:

  1. In the SOLIDWORKS application, expand the search menu (upper right corner).
    The following options appear:
      The option to search SOLIDWORKS help is only available if you select Use SOLIDWORKS Web help.

      If Web help is not enabled, you can click to search locally installed help.

    • Commands
    • Files and Models
    • My SolidWorks
  2. Expand My SolidWorks to see and select search filters that are available for the MySolidWorks site.
    Knowledge Base Searches the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base, which includes:
    • Solutions
    • Software Performance Requests (SPRs)
    • SOLIDWORKS Web sites
    Access to the Knowledge Base requires SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service and a Customer Portal login.
    Community Forum Searches the SOLIDWORKS Community Forum.
    Blogs Searches SOLIDWORKS blog posts.
    CAD Models Searches models in 3D ContentCentral.
    Training Searches MySolidWorks online training sessions.
    YouTube Searches SOLIDWORKS YouTube videos.
    Twitter Searches the SOLIDWORKS Twitter feed.
    Manufacturers Searches SOLIDWORKS manufacturers.

    With the exception of Manufacturers, all options are selected by default. By selecting fewer filters, you can narrow your search before navigating to the MySolidWorks Web site.

  3. Select the search method and type the text to search for, then press Enter.
    As you type, Search provides suggestions based on your recent searches.
    Search results appear as follows:
    search_solidworks_help_menu.png SOLIDWORKS Help Searches the SOLIDWORKS Web Help window.
    Commands Searches for valid SOLIDWORKS commands for the current document.
    search_files_and_models_menu.png Files and Models Searches your computer for files and models.
    My SolidWorks Searches the MySolidWorks Web site using the filters you select in step 2.