The SOLIDWORKS Resources tab in the Task Pane includes tools, links, and information.

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Opens the Welcome dialog box. From there, you can do the following:
  • Open documents.
  • View recent documents and folders.
  • Access instructional resources.
  • Stay updated on SOLIDWORKS news.


Property Tab Builder Opens the Property Tab Builder, a utility that you can use to create a customized interface for entering properties into SOLIDWORKS files. The tabs that you create appear in the Custom Properties tab of the Task Pane.
SOLIDWORKS Rx Analyzes your system, suggests possible solutions, and captures data that can help technical support diagnose problems.
Performance Benchmark Test Analyzes your system performance, compares it to other users, and allows you to share your score.
Compare My Score Reports the results of your SOLIDWORKS Performance Test in comparison to other users. This tool is available only for subscription customers.
Copy Settings Wizard The Copy Settings Wizard saves, restores, and propagates system settings to users, computers, or profiles. You can run the Copy Settings Wizard by clicking Tools > Save/Restore Settings.
My Products Shows the available SOLIDWORKS products and indicates which ones you or your organization own based on your activation and network licenses.

Online Resources

3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace Links to the online MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network.
Partner Solutions Links to an online directory of Gold Products and Solution Partners.

Subscription Services

Subscription Services Links to online information about Subscription Services.