Defeature - Define Groups

You can use the Silhouette method to define groups of bodies or components and then define a simplification method for these groups.

To use the Silhouette method in the Defeature PropertyManager:

  1. Click Tools > Defeature .
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Defeature Method, click Silhouette .
  3. Click Next .

Specify options for the Silhouette method:


Groups Lists the defeature groups.

When you add or edit a group, an asterisk (*) appears next to the group name until you click OK or Cancel in the PropertyManager.

When you select a group, the bodies in that group are highlighted in the Preview window.

Merge groups after this step Merges groups that touch or overlap.
Highlight processed bodies Highlights the bodies that are included in the defeature groups.

The bodies are highlighted using the Selected Item 4 color.

Add a Group / Edit a Group

Name Lists the group name.
Components Lists the components in the group.
Bodies Lists the bodies in the group.
  Add Group Adds the group.

Available in Add a Group mode.

  Reset Resets the options.

Available in Add a Group mode.

  OK Saves changes to the group. Switches to the Add a Group mode.

Available in Edit a Group mode.

  Cancel Resets the options.

Available in Edit a Group mode.

  Apply Saves changes to the group. Remains in the Edit a Group mode.

Available in Edit a Group mode.

Simplification Method

Simplification Method

Bounding Box

Creates a cuboid bounding box.


Creates a cylinder derived from the dimensions of a cuboid bounding box.

Polygon Outline

Creates an extruded polygon that fits around the outline of the selected bodies and components.

Tight Fit Outline

Creates an extruded body by using the outlines of the selected bodies and components.

None (Copy Geometry)

Creates an exact copy of the selected bodies and components.

Enclose in one body Creates a single body that includes the selected entities.
Available when you select at least one body or component, and one of the following methods:
  • Bounding Box
  • Polygon Outline
  • Tight Fit Outline

For Polygon Outline, the selected entities must touch or overlap.

Ignore small bodies (% of assembly size) Ignores bodies or components based on their size in relation to the top-level assembly.
Keep internal loops Includes internal loops in the resulting body if the silhouette of the selected entities contains these loops.

Available for Tight Fit Outline.


Custom Plane Specifies the plane to use for the group. Select a plane or click Automatic , Front , Top , or Right .
Use multiple directions Specifies a plane or face to use for a second direction.

Available for Polygon Outline and Tight Fit Outline.