Exploded Views

You can go through an exploded view step-by-step. You can roll back an exploded view to see the results of each step.

To open the Explode PropertyManager for an existing exploded view:

  1. On the ConfigurationManager tab, expand the configuration.
  2. Right-click Exploded View and click Edit Feature .
You can use the following functionality in the PropertyManager:
  • Modify the name for a new or existing step.
  • Insert a step above the rollback bar.
  • Drag an active step to reorder the steps.
  • Resize the height of the Explode Steps box.
  • Click Add Step to add a step.
  • Click Reset to reset options.
  • Click Roll Back and Roll Forward to roll back or roll forward steps.
  • Suppress a step. Suppressed steps are not shown in the graphics area for Explode Steps or Smart Explode Lines. Suppressed steps remain suppressed regardless of the rollback bar position.
  • Specifies the default name to Explode Step + number. When you select Auto-space components on drag, the default explode step name is Chain + number.

In the Exploded Steps PropertyManager and ConfigurationManager, you can roll back or roll forward steps by dragging the rollback bar.

Right-click a step located above the rollback bar to access the following tools:
  • Roll Back
  • Suppress
Right-click a step located below the rollback bar to access the following tools:
  • Roll Forward
  • Roll to Previous
  • Roll to End
For the Animation Controller, the following controls changed:
  • Fast forward renamed to Next step.
  • Rewind renamed to Previous step.
  • Stop has been removed.
  • Play and Pause are shared in one control.