Lightweight Mode

Rebuild Component Patterns

When you edit a feature, you can change the pattern parameters. For a component pattern that is driven by an unavailable entity, **Lightweight** shows as a prefix to the entity name. The SOLIDWORKS software rebuilds the pattern in lightweight mode by using the last-used definition.

To use this functionality, save the assembly and the component that contains the driving feature in resolved mode before you open the assembly in lightweight mode.
This rebuild works for the following assembly patterns:
Chain patterns Circular Curve Driven
Linear Pattern Driven Sketch Driven

This rebuild works for the following derived component patterns:

Advanced Hole Wizard Advanced Pattern Circular
Curve Hole Series Hole Wizard
Linear pattern Sketch Pattern Table Pattern

Unable to Move or Delete Files in Lightweight Mode

Files opened in lightweight mode are locked and you cannot move or delete them. In Microsoft® File Explorer, you receive a warning message when you delete a file.

To move or delete files in lightweight mode:

  1. In the SOLIDWORKS software, click Open (Standard toolbar) or File > Open.
  2. In the dialog box, select the assembly, and then in Mode, select Lightweight.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Switch to Microsoft File Explorer and delete one of the components.

    You receive a message that the action cannot be completed.