Workflow Transitions

A workflow transition represents the progression of a file or process from one state to another.

Each transition has a name, such as “Submit for Approval” and “Request Change”. Transitions can trigger other actions to happen, such as emailing team members or running a program.

In the workflow editor, a workflow transition is shown as a label in the middle of an arrow that starts at the source state and ends at the destination state.

The color of the arrow and label, and the icon to the left of the label, differentiate the transitions:



A file changes state when one user runs the transition.


The workflow design automatically moves files to another state without requiring user action. This transition is available in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only.


A specific number of users must approve the transition before the file changes state. This transition is available in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only.
Icons to the right of the transition name indicate:
workflow_transition_notification The transition includes notifications.
workflow_transition_authenticate Authentication is required for users who run the transition.