Server Configuration Dialog Box

The Server Configuration dialog box lets you configure the secondary SQL server.

Option Description
Server Name Lists secondary SQL server. Select from the list. This name must be unique.
Use the IP address if SOLIDWORKS PDM is configured to communicate using IP address.
Max. Lag from Primary

The maximum permissible lag between the primary and the secondary SQL servers.

This value can vary from 1 minute to 60 minutes. If the actual time lag exceeds the maximum value, all read and write operations are directed to the primary SQL server only.

Decimals, zero, and negative values are not supported.
Add Member Assigns users and groups to the secondary SQL server.

If you assign a user to a database through a group and the user is explicitly assigned to another database, SOLIDWORKS PDM directs the user to the database to which the user is explicitly assigned.

If you assign a user to multiple secondary SQL servers through group assignments or explicitly, SOLIDWORKS PDM directs the user to the database to which the user is added most recently.

Assign the users and groups that are in LAN and in very low WAN latency to a secondary SQL server.
Remove Member Removes the selected users and groups.
Test Settings Verifies the following:
  • The secondary SQL server name is unique.
  • The vault database on the primary SQL server is replicated on the secondary SQL servers.
  • The username (sa) and the password for the primary and secondary SQL servers are the same.