Use the Inbox to view notifications.

To open the Inbox:

Click Tools > Inbox or click the SOLIDWORKS PDM icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar, and click Inbox.

Inbox User Interface

The left pane of the Inbox displays the vaults; the active vault is expanded. Double-click a vault to see containers for each message type (external, file, folder, item, task or text). Click a container to display only messages of that type.

Inbox Toolbar

New mail message Create a new manual notification.
Reply to selected Reply to the sender of a notification.
Forward message Forward a notification to a user or group.
Refresh Check for new notifications in the selected vault. Click the down arrow for a list of available vaults.
Mark selected read Mark selected notifications as read.
Delete selected messages Delete selected notifications.
Search for message Search for notifications in the selected vault.