Command Buttons and Links in Notification Messages

Some notifications include command buttons and links to objects in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.

When a notification involves an action on a file such as a check out or transition, the commands appear as buttons at the bottom of the message.

These buttons and links appear in the message when it is opened, and when it is viewed in the Inbox.

File name Link Opens the referenced file in the associated program for that file type.
View Link or button Opens the file in the viewer specified on the Viewers tab of the user's settings.

By default, SOLIDWORKS .sldprt, .sldasm, and .slddrw files are opened in the eDrawings viewer.

Unless a different viewer is specified, files such as .pdf, .avi, and .docx files open in the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer.

Get Latest Link Retrieves the latest version of the file to the local cache.
Open folder Link or button Opens Windows File Explorer to the folder that contains the file, with the file selected.
Properties Link or button Opens the file's Properties dialog box.
History Link or button Opens the file's History dialog box.