The SOLIDWORKS PDM view in the Browser displays a hierarchical tree of components of the currently displayed document. This tree displays the structural relationships between the top assembly, drawings, subassemblies and parts.

If the Browser is not available in your version of Pro/E, the information is displayed in a separate dialog box.


The following variables are displayed for a selected file:

Local Version Version numbers for a file.

For example, in version 2/3, the first number indicates the version loaded into Pro/ENGINEER and second number is the top number of versions stored in the vault (server). Bold numbers indicate that a newer version is available on the server.

Local Revision The revision level assigned to the local version, for example, B.
Checked out by User name.
Checked out in Location of the file that is checked out.
Workflow state The current state of the file as defined in the workflow. (The default state is Initiated.)
Configuration The Pro/E family of parts.

Shortcut Menu

Right-click a variable or file name in the Browser to access applicable menu functions, including:

Select All Select all components in the tree.
Refresh Tree Refresh the information displayed in the tree.
Collapse All Collapse the view of the variables for all components of the currently selected file.
Expand All Expand the view of the variables for all components of the currently selected file.
Properties Display the data card for the SOLIDWORKS PDM file.
Check Out Check out the file for editing.
Check In Check in the file with your changes.
Undo Check Out Cancel a check out without saving changes.
Get Latest version Retrieve the latest version of the file from the archive.
Get Select a version from the version list and retrieve it from the archive server.
Add File Add the selected file to the referenced file list (available only for files in the vault).