The SOLIDWORKS PDM menu is available with the Pro/ENGINEER add-in.

Many options that are available from the menu are also available from the shortcut menu in the Browser.
Open Model Select a model to open. The Open dialog box provides a view of the files that is similar to the Windows File Explorer file view.

This view is not displayed if you open a SOLIDWORKS PDM document from the Pro/ENGINEER File menu.

Get Latest Version Retrieve the latest version of the file from the archive.
Check Out Check out the file for editing.
Check In Check in the file with your changes.
Undo Check Out Cancel a checkout without saving changes.
Properties Display the data card for the SOLIDWORKS PDM file.

When you use the Pro/Engineer add-in running on a system with Pro/Engineer installed, changes you make to data card properties are propagated into the Pro/Engineer part file.

Check out a file to modify data card properties.
View Tree in Browser Open the Browser to a tree view of the active file.
View Tree in Dialog Open a dialog box to a tree view of the active file.