Rename with Serial Number Dialog Box

Use the Rename with Serial Number dialog box to replace file names with serial numbers.

To display this dialog box:

While configuring files for the Copy Tree command, in Transform Operations, select Rename with Serial Number.

File Type File type descriptions for the files that you are renaming.
Extension File extensions of the files that you are renaming.
Serial Number Serial number used to rename file. Do one of the following:
  • Select a serial number.

    You can select a different serial number for each file type.

    If a serial number is associated with a file type in the SOLIDWORKS add-in, that serial number is selected by default.

    The serial number option is ignored if it conflicts with names specified by Name drawings after their model.
  • Click Do Not Rename.
Apply to
  • All - Renames all files.
  • Selected Only - Renames only files you select in the file list of the copy tree dialog box.