Insert Components/Begin Assembly PropertyManager

You can use this PropertyManager to add components to assemblies.

The name of the PropertyManager depends on whether you are creating an assembly or working in an existing assembly.

To open the Insert Components PropertyManager:

  • In an existing assembly, click Insert Components (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component > Existing Part/Assembly.

To open the Begin Assembly PropertyManager:

  • Create an assembly document by clicking New (Standard toolbar) or File > New.
Create Layout Creates a layout sketch.

Available when creating an assembly.

Part/Assembly to Insert

Open Documents Lists previously saved documents that are open. Select a part or assembly from the list, or click Browse to open an existing document.
Configuration Lists the configurations available in the selected part or assembly. Select a configuration from the list.

Available when you select a document in Open Documents.

Thumbnail Preview

Displays previews of the selected components under Part/Assembly to Insert.


Start command when creating new assembly Opens the Begin Assembly PropertyManager when you create an assembly. Clear if your first assembly task is commonly something other than inserting components or creating a layout.
Automatic Browse when creating new assembly Opens a dialog box if there are no components available under Open documents so that you can browse for components to insert. To disable this behavior for the Begin Assembly PropertyManager, clear this option.
Graphics preview Displays a preview of the selected component in the graphics area under your pointer.
Make virtual Makes the component you are inserting virtual. Making a component virtual breaks the link to the external component file and stores the component definition inside the assembly file. Exception: If the external file is a derived part, the virtual component retains references to the parent of that part. You can manually break these external references in the virtual part.
Envelope Makes the component you are inserting an envelope component.
Show Rotate context toolbar Displays the Rotate context toolbar when you insert a component. You can use the context toolbar to rotate the component around the X, Y, or Z axis.