Rotating Inserted Components in Assemblies

When you insert a component into an assembly using the Insert Component PropertyManager, you can change its orientation.

Choose one of the following options to change the orientation of a component when you insert it into an assembly.

Context Menu

Before you place the component, right-click to view the context menu.

In the context menu, click:
Rotate X 90 Deg
Rotate Y 90 Deg
Rotate Z 90 Deg

Rotate Context Toolbar

  1. In the Insert Component PropertyManager, under Options, select Show Rotate context toolbar.
  2. Enter the number of degrees for the rotation.
  3. Click , , or .
  4. Click to place the component.
You can drag the Rotate context toolbar to a different location in the graphics area. The toolbar appears in your selected location for future inserted components.

Tab Key

Press Tab to rotate 90º or Shift+Tab to rotate -90º in the last selected direction.