Error Message - Item Conflicts

Potential Error Messages

  • The sketch conflicts. Consider deleting some over defining dimensions or relations.

Potential Reasons for These Error Messages

Dimensions or relations are in conflict or are redundant. When you insert dimensions, they are assumed to be driving dimensions.

Over Defined Dimension Example

Over defined relations display the over defining sketch entities and relation callouts in yellow.

Over defined dimensions display in yellow.

Potential Solution:

Sketch repaired by deleting the redundant 90° dimension.

You can also delete the redundant vertical or horizontal relation to repair the sketch.

Potential Fixes

Begin by repairing the first feature with an error in the FeatureManager design tree, then work down through subsequent errors. Over defined dimensions and relations are shown in a different color than the resolved sketch entities.

  • SketchXpert. Generates a list of causes for over defined sketches. The list is organized into Solution Sets. This tool enables you to delete a solution set of over defined dimensions or redundant relations without compromising your design intent.
  • Dimensions. There are two common ways to fix over defining dimensions.
    • Delete the over defining dimension in the graphics area.
    • Right-click the over defining dimension in the graphics area and select Properties. Select Driven, then click OK.
    • When you add a dimension that over defines a sketch, the Make Dimension Driven dialog box appears. To keep the dimension that over defines the sketch displayed, select Make this dimension driven, then click OK to make the dimension a driven dimension that does not over define the sketch.
  • Relations. There are two common ways to fix over defining relations.
    • Select the relation symbol in the graphics area and press Delete.
    • Select an over defining entity in the graphics area to display its relations in the PropertyManager. Delete the over defining relation in the PropertyManager.
  • Click Display/Delete Relations on the Dimensions/Relations toolbar, or click Tools > Relations > Display/Delete . Use the Display/Delete Relations PropertyManager to show all the over defining entities at once, then decide which ones to delete.