Assembly Visualization

Assembly Visualization provides different ways to display and sort an assembly's components in a list and in the graphics area.

You can sort the list by one property at a time or create more complex sorting scenarios involving several different properties. Basic calculated numerical data such as component mass, density, and volume are available in the tool. Additionally, you can create customized criteria which are dependent on several numerical values. If you defined noncalculated properties such as Vendor or Status in the component files, you can access those properties for modification and sorting. Properties from SOLIDWORKS Sustainability are also available.

In the graphics area, the software applies colors to the components based on the value of the property you are sorting by. The colors help you to visualize the relative value of the property for each component.

You can edit component materials and other non-numeric properties directly from the list.

You can save the list information in a separate file such as a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet or a text file.