You can use the Defeature tool to remove details from assemblies, multibody parts, and single-body parts.

Save the details to a new file where the details are replaced by dumb solids. Dumb solids are solids without feature definition or history. You can share the new file without revealing the design details of the model.
Before After

You can save the less-detailed model to a separate file and maintain references to the original part or assembly.

The options that you select in the PropertyManager are saved in the original model. You can publish the fully detailed model containing the Defeature options to your Supplier Services account on 3D ContentCentral. You can specify that details be removed when customers configure and download the model.

You can use the Simplify Geometry method or the Silhouette method to defeature a model. The Simplify Geometry method removes selected components and geometry details from the top-level assembly. The Silhouette method creates a simplified part from the silhouette outlines of components and bodies.